How do I flame if there’s no chat

Imagine playing Akali/Yasuo/Rengar/Katarina on mobile lol

Ok league gamers time to quit that trash called mobile legends

I will quit Mobile Legends if this game officially release, and btw imagine playing Zed and doing all flashy combos

How do you shy combo with riven on mobile?

Imagine the Kick flash combo on lee sin

I think riot was specifically aiming to make a mobile game which ends fast rather than 20+ minute games on PC. It also looks very similar to Tencent's AOV which makes me think if they actually just acquired the game's physics to apply into theirs. Nevertheless, Riot will eventually improve the game after a few major updates to it.

I think it would be 10 times better with vainglory controls.

if league gonna go mobile they should mimic or buy the super evil mega corp and make the controls like in vain glory and problem solved

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